New Zealand has 326,000 businesses that have no employees. This accounts for 69% of all companies in New Zealand. As the name suggests, zero-employee businesses do not employ any staff beyond the founder or owner. They play an important commercial role in the economy. They are easy to establish, and provide a practical and strategic purpose for a range of industries, situations and firm sizes.
For the zero-employee businesses, the owners are typically aged 30 to 60 and they start the business as a total lifestyle change from what they were doing or started it as an investment strategy for their future. However in 2013 there were more business deaths than births and a huge decline in businesses started.  To date, starting a business in New Zealand has been on a decline with only 8,000 in the year ending Feb 2014, with 12,000 started in the year ending Feb 2012. The main factors for this decline is risk, don’t know how, and money to invest in getting it started.  The interesting thing is that stress and anxious is on the increase especially for those still employed by others.  
The vision for saving sunday is to create out of the box products and services to help others start business, we take care of the tough stuff so they don’t have too. We will partner up with accountants, retailers and banks to deliver our products so a retail type offering is required.  
To create a brand and service in the New Zealand market that dominates the existing and any potential competitors. Partners want to recommend us and end clients want to use us because of outstanding customer service and brand alignment. 
For people who started a business but have winged it so far and for those who have an idea or hobby to start as a business.

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